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G Hotel Kelawai -- Cocktails and Mocktails 鸡尾酒 @ 2PM / Spoon Cafe / Gravity

Heritage Cocktails - RM 38 
From left : Chili Lada, Lychee Smash, Pomegranate Mojito 

Pomegranate Mojito - one of cuba's oldest cocktail with a twist. the mojito is made of spice rum, pomegranate syrup, lime, fresh mint and soda water

Lychee Smash - grand marnier, lychee liqueur, pear puree, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint

Chili Lada - vodka, cranberry, passion fruit puree and lime muddled with red chili

Chili Lada

Chili Lada

Mocktails : 
JK Jam - a blend of orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice, lime juice, grenadine and whipped cream

JK Jam - RM21

Sri Pinang - a blend of soursop, calamansi juice, longan and top up with ice-cream soda
Sri Pinang - RM 21

 Smoothies : 
Mango Yogurt Smoothie - RM 19

Strawberry Smoothie - RM 19

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices : 

Pineapple Juice - RM 20

Apple Juice - RM 20

Vodka Sour

 Spoon Cafe, G Kelawai (Level 2): 

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 2PM Cafe, G Kelawai (Ground Floor): 

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 Gravity, G Kelawai (Rooftop): 

 Gravity (G Kelawai Rooftop) Night View : 

Beyond Gravity, G Kelawai (Rooftop): 
* For private event only 
点击这里参考: Gathering at 2PM / Beyond Gravity blog post

地址: 2, Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang, Malaysia

G Hotel Kelawai

FB Page : G Kelawai

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