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Caze by Buu's Kitchen, Lebuh King, Georgetown Penang 【槟城美食】

Wondering where for dinner? Try out the new cafe in town --  Caze by Buu's Kitchen, Lebuh King!! 

7 Course Semi Fine Dining Dinner Meal In Penang ONLY RM69.90 !!!
Dinner Set Start From : 19th December 2017
Dinner Set Hours : 6:00PM - 9:30PM


Course 1 - Palate Cleanser
Lemon Lime Shooter

 Course 2 - Appetizer
Appetizer of the day

Course 3 - Soup
Mushroom soup /  Potato Leek soup

Course 4 - Salad
House Garden Salad / Caesar Salad

Course 5 - Main Course
The Vongole
Seafood Aglio Olio
Spaghetti Carbonara
Grilled Salmon with lemon-butter sauce

Course 6 - Drinks
Berries Mojito Mocktail /  Iced Peach Tea
Course 7 - Dessert
Dessert of the Day

Peri Peri Chicken - RM 22
Pan-grilled marinated chicken with homemade peri peri sauce , fries , vegetables

 Classic Burger - RM 17
Classic chicken burger with homemade patty

Peri pineapple Burger - RM 19
Classic chicken burger with peri-peri sauce and pineapple ring

Buu's Aglio Olio - RM 16
Spaghetti sautéed with olive oil , garlic , chilli flakes & hearty shiitake mushroom , parmesan cheese

Honey Mustard Burger - RM 20
Chicken burger with honey mustard sauce

Loaded Cheese Burger - RM 26
Chicken burger in 4 types of cheese sauce

The Vongole -- RM21
White wine , fresh clams , chilli , tomatoes , garlic

 Chicken Bolognese - RM 22
Homemade bolognese sauce , carrot , celery , minced chicken , tomato , parmesan cheese





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