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Common Grounds Cafe @ The Promenade, Bayan Baru, Penang 【槟城咖啡馆】

喜欢喝咖啡的你,The Promenade 又有一家咖啡馆开张啦!
#PenangCafe #槟城咖啡馆
为大家介绍这家新咖啡馆 :【Common Grounds Cafe @ The Promenade】
FB Page: Common Grounds Cafe

这间Common Grounds Cafe, 于12月17日开始营业,推出的菜单除了咖啡和蛋糕,还有烤鸡、Big Breakfast、意大利面和松饼。

它位于【无辣不欢】的隔壁,与HIVE, Manzoku, Golden Bowl 同排。下次约朋友或同事在Bayan Lepas 喝咖啡,可以选择来这里哦!!!

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Common Gound Cafe目前采用的咖啡豆是来自Coffex Coffee 的 Prima Quattro,咖啡味道偏酸带甜与咸。

Prima Quattro  :    Excuisite Aroma, Salted Caramel Notes
A handcrafted blend featuring the three main coffee growing regions of South America, Africa and Asia Pacific; Brazil - Mountain Mogiana (Direct Trade), Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe , PNG – Sigri Estate (Direct Trade) and Indonesia Sumatra - Putri Sipinsur (Direct Trade). This blend exhibits an exquisite aroma of nuts and spices translating into complex flavours of dark cocoa, liquorice, a refined citrus acidity, smooth and creamy mouth feel with a lingering salted caramel aftertaste.


 Common Grounds Cafe MENU :


Cony 荣幸受邀到咖啡馆试喝老板亲手冲泡的咖啡,其中有 Mocha / Latte / Long Black / Hot Chocolate,还有 Carrot Cake 和Red Velvet Cake... 

Hot Mocha - RM 10.50
Hot Chocolate - RM 9.50
Hot Latte - RM 9.50

All Day Breakfast:
Big Breakfast - RM22 
scrambled eggs, sausages, hash brown, chicken ham, baked beans and mini croissant
 Signautre 1/4 Roast Chicken - RM 20
served with homemade-style mashed potato & coleslaw.
*** Guranteed to satisfy you!!!
*** 大力推荐!
 Milo Dinasour Waffle - RM 16
with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, milo powder, marshmallows and coco crunch
 Spaghetti Bolognese - RM 18
Homemade vine ripe tomato bolognese pasta, topped with shredded cheddar cheese

 Soup of the day  (SET LUNCH)

 Breaded Fish & Chips - RM 22

Signautre 1/4 Roast Chicken - RM 20
served with homemade-style mashed potato & coleslaw.

 Creamy Carbonara - RM 20

Chocolate Cake - RM 13

 Hot Cappuccino - RM 9.50
Hot Latte - RM 9.50

Vitamin C Punch Smoothies - RM 12

*Pineapple + Passion Fruit + Orange

 Banana Rama - RM 12

 Chocolate Cake - RM 13
 Oreo Cheesecake - RM 13
 Chocolate Waffle - RM 13
 Creme Brulee - RM 8

Potato Wedges - RM 8

 *touch n go e wallet accepted here!

总结来说这里的咖啡、蛋糕、环境和服务都很棒,值得大家亲自去尝试。赶紧分享给你的同事朋友或yamcha kaki 吧!

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Common Grounds Cafe
地址: 5-G-33, The Promenade, Lengkok Mayang Pasir 2, Bayan Lepas 11900, Penang.
营业时间: 11am - 10pm *Closed on Monday
Tel : 016-557 2819
FB Page: Common Grounds Cafe
* Pork FREE



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