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Venzy Tea, Karpal Singh Drive, Penang 【槟城奶茶店】超人气网红打卡饮料

位于Karpal Singh Drive, Sg Pinang 的 Automall 可说是目前槟城最夯的地点呢!不管是中午与朋友聚一聚喝一杯,或是晚餐用餐时间,甚至是晚餐后的喝茶时间,在Automall Karpal Singh Drive绝对有许多餐厅/咖啡馆选择让你选。

而今天Cony 要介绍的就是这家超人气的饮料店:【Venzy Tea】啦!Venzy Tea 主打黑糖奶茶,也就是Brownx系列。之前听朋友说他们家的奶茶一级棒,令Cony 也想亲自尝一尝,果然试了真的会爱上它呢!几乎喝上瘾了,呵呵。。。 如果想喝朋友在晚上喝茶聊天吹水,可到这里哦!

The VENZYtea is a tea and fruit infusion; a unique concoction unlike anything tasted before. 
Its blend of seasonal fresh fruits, imported natural yeast and roasted tealeaf produce a VENZYtea that is rich and complex; a great combination with its excellent European soft breads.
Main Ingredients :
Roasted tealeaf, fresh lemon, fresh blueberry, pure milk, natural yeast, crispy nuts...
All of these ecological raw materials are the sources that inspire us, and we use these materials to 
create excellent food that is great in taste and look.

Venzy Tea (Pearl) Brownx - RM 9.90

Crown Milk Tea (Diamon Jelly) - RM 8.90
Matcha Brownx (Pearl) - RM 11.90

@ Automall Karpal Singh Drive
地址:29C-02, 17, Persiaran Karpal Singh 2, Georgetown, 11600 George Town, Penang
电话:04-293 7469 
营业时间:Mon - Sun  12noon - 1am 




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