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Pony Tale de Cafe, SPICE Canopy, Bayan Lepas 【槟城美食】

*** 2/3/2019 更新:
PONY TALE CAFE 已经结束营业。如今是 WESMAN CAFE 啦! 点击这里查看:

今年年初, 位于SPICE (之前名为PISA)的室内游泳池Aquatic Centre开始启用,同时周围也兴建起SPICE Canopy,间接带旺了Bayan Lepas 这一区;不少店屋都陆续开张营业了。

先是 Waffle Factory ,然后 Bread History Bakery Cafe, Setia SPICE Canopy,还有Pony Tale de Cafe, Fresh Moments, Sushi-B'rito, Madam Priya's House of Curries 等等。。。
点击这里参考Bread History Bakery Cafe, Setia SPICE Canopy:

About SPICE Canopy:   [info from Setia SPICE Canopy Facebook Page]
Located in the heart of Bayan Lepas, SPICE Canopy is the latest offering in the SPICE family, bringing together under its canopy an array of food and beverage outlets, beauty services and various retail outlets. Comprising 59 units of shops spread over approximately 100,000 square feet, it is set to be the new retail and lifestyle destination for the residents of Penang catering mainly to those living in the Southern part of the island.

SPICE Canopy surrounds the newly refurbished SPICE Aquatic Centre which features (amongst others) an Olympic-length swimming pool, a gym, badminton courts, squash courts and even a children’s mini water theme park.

Pony Tale de Cafe 吸引人的外观。。。


Pony Tale de Cafe 与 隔壁的 Bread History Cafe 一样,是两层的。你可以选择坐楼下或楼上用餐。。。

Let's take a look at the Menu!!! 
What to eat ??? Hmmm..... 

Pancakes! Sweet Crepes! Sandwich Crepes!

Big Country Breakfast / French Croissant / Pony Cheesy Omelets / English Muffin with Seafood Napolitano

Cheesy Mushroom with Engilsh Muffin / Continental Breakfast / Cheese Mushroom Omelets

Soup & Salad :

Pony's Popular : 
Seafood Pumpkin Pot / Pony Fisherman Bucket / Grill Norwegian Salmon / Grilled Baharat Chicken / Grilled Baharat Red Snapper / Mediterranean Sultana Pepper Chicken / Red Snapper Pepperonata / Siam Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice 


Kids Menu 儿童套餐!!!   

Canadian Scallop Burritos / Crispy Chicken Burritos

Berry and Banana French Toast / Butter & Cinnamon Sugar French Toast 

Weekend Special : Open Sandwich 
*Every Saturday & Sunday 8.30am -2.30pm

Part of DRINKS Menu: 

我们点了一杯 Yellow Energy with Strawberry 还有一杯 Mochanana... 

很喜欢这杯Yellow Energy with Strawberry ,因为不但有草莓还有香蕉一起搅拌,喝起来感觉有添加一点点的Yogurt。

Yellow Energy with Strawberry - RM 15.80

Mochanana 则是 Frozen Mocha  + Banana 搅拌啦!!!好大胆的混合,不过喝起来真的很不错!两者的味道都十分均匀。

Mochanana - RM 18.80
主食方面我们点了一份 Big Country Breakfast [虽然是晚餐不过Cony 依然很喜欢吃西式早餐]。这里的食物都很大盘,一点也不吝啬。这份Big Country Breakfast 包括了 scramble egg, italian jumbo sausage, French Croissant, greenly salad, sauteed olive mushroom &  baby potato;非常值得也很好吃。。。

Big Country Breakfast - RM 23.80

另外,我们也点了一份Mediterranean Sultana Pepper Chicken。 而只需添加RM 6 就可以享有 Soup of the Day 和甜品。。。 当天的Soup of the day 是 Pumpkin Soup.. 

Pumpkin Soup  (add-on RM 6)

Mediterranean Sultana Pepper Chicken - RM 23.80

Dessert of the Day  (included in RM 6 add-on)

** 30/12/2016 更新 **
第二次光顾,只点了饮料和一盘小吃~ 嘻嘻。。。

Belgium Dark Choc on the Rock - RM 16.80

Tango Res with Roses - RM 14.80

Sahara with Love - RM 15.80

Fish Fritters - RM 12.80

Affogato - RM 11.80

Chococado Espresso - RM 22.80

Virgin Apple Mojito - RM 13.80

Citrus Burst

Pony Tale de Cafe, SPICE Canopy
地址:180-B-01-11, SPICE Arena, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
电话:+60 4-611 1319
营业时间:Tuesday - Friday : 10.30am -3pm ; 6pm -10pm 
Satuday - Sunday : 8.30am - 11pm
* Closed on Monday 
FB Page:Pony Tale de Cafe 
GPS: 5.3288304,100.2789317
Google Maps :



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