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Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room, Penang @ Ropewalk Piazza 【槟城美食】

下午茶选择到底还有哪里呢?除了E&O Hotel, Farquhar Mansion, G-Kelawei Hotel 2PM,Suffolk House, Macalister Mansion, Victoria Garden, Ferringhi Coffee Garden, Chateau 33 Prangin Mall, 来到乔治市,还有一个非常棒的下午茶选择就是Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room, Penang @ Ropewalk Piazza!!

Ropewalk Piazza 是位于 Jalan Pintal Tali 的一排新店屋。目前已有好几间商店开始营业,其中包括:Snapdot CafeMetisser Patisserie & Tea Room,附近还有一间Rope Walk Guest House.

Metisser Patisserie & Tea Room 与 Snapdot Cafe 同一排。点击这里参考:

* Current HighTea Set: 
10 handcrafted Savory & Sweets served with elegant gold wave 3-tiers Afternoon Tea rack - RM 88 with choice of pot of tea of coffees

Bottom :
Creative Cold Tapas, Warm Savory Quiche, Cold Finger Sandwich, Lescure Butter Scones

Aloe et Pomme Mousse, Petit Tarte au Citron, Raspberry Chantilly , Hazelnut Paris-Brest


Lime & Hazelnut Truffle , Seasonal Macaroons 

***Previous Hightea Set: 

Hightea Indulgence Set - RM 70 per set
(for 2 person only) 
Available from 1pm-6pm
  • 2 pieces Artisan Sandwich
  • 2 pieces Lescure Butter Scones, served with Whipped Cream & Fruit Jam
  • 2 pieces Macaroons
  • 2 pieces Peti Gateau
  • 1 pot of Hot Tea or 2 cups of Coffee
Metisser Patisserie &  Tea Room

Harney & Sons Master Tea Blender

Harney & Sons Tea




Petit Gateau (in French, means small cake)

Charlotte Busse a la Mangue 芒果若斯 - RM 16
Mango jelly, mango mousse, pineapple coconut citrus jam, vanilla spounge

La Goyavier 芭拉 - RM 17
Pink guava jelly, guava mousse, Caribe tea infused guava, Sablaise, citrus sponge

Trinité du Chocolat 巧克力三重奏 - RM 17
70% dark chocolate sponge & anglaise, choclate ganache, hazelnut feulletine

Tarte au Citron 柠檬塔 - RM 16
Lemon butter cream, hazelnut feuilletine, pate sucrée, white chocoalte crown, pistachio

St Honoré de Litchi et Rose 玫瑰荔枝圣多蒙雷 - RM 17
Cream puff, pate sucrée, rose scented cream, lychee custard, rose jelly, rose almond cream

Caramel au Beurre Salé 青苹果海盐焦糖 - RM 16

Salted caramel glaze, caramel mousse, dacquoise, lime syrup, green apple jelly, pistachio

Opéra 歌剧院 - RM 16
Almond joconde, chocolate ganache, coffee mousseline, coffee syrup

Artisan Macaroons  马卡龙
French Almond Meringue sandwiched with various homemade delicate fillings

Pink - Rose Lychee 
Dark Red - Penang Nutmeg
Yellow - Citrus Lemon
Green - Matcha Azuki 
Purple - French Lavender 
Brown - 70% Dark Chocolate
RM 5 for one
RM 28 for half Dozen
Rm 55 for full Dozen
2 pieces Artisan Sandwich &
2 pieces Lescure Butter Scones, served with Whipped Cream & Fruit Jam

Trinité du Chocolat  & Nutmeg Macaroon

Tarte au Citron 柠檬塔

Ropewalk Piazza
*** 第二次到访 *** 
因为不想吃马卡龙,所以我和闺蜜点了ala carte 的下午茶。。。以下这些一共是RM 60 ... 
Lescure Butter Scones - RM 11
Harney & Son Tea - RM 15 per pot

Chocolate Rasberry Mousse Cake with fresh Strawberry  - RM 17

Mango Charlotte Royal 芒果若斯 - RM 17

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room

地址:140 & 142, Jalan Pintal Tali, 10100 George Town
电话:+60 42519739
营业时间:Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sun 12noon - 11pm
* Closed on Wednesday 星期三休息

Métisser Pâtisserie &  Tea Room



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